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Mac TrackPad with a mind of its own

So this one is more of a hardware issue than anything else however it is a common MacBook Pro problem so I thought I had better share it with you.

Now I clean my MacBook regularly with Antibacterial wipes simply because I take it all over the place work, train, bus, city, friend’s houses, etc. However this time just after I cleaned it the trackpad was being very unresponsive and was almost like it had a mind of its own, my first thought was ok it is just freaking out cause I cleaned while it was still on. I rebooted and my trackpad still had a mind of it’s own!! “Oh No!” Now I am going to be up for big bucks to repair my laptop, is what I was thinking.

Well thanks to an awesome user on the Apple forums that is not the case, the issue is actually that the trackpad is able to move (slightly) inside of the case where it sits. This is the same on all MacBook Pro models so that the track pad will work properly, well when I had cleaned it the trackpad had moved to the left and there was almost no visible gap between the case and the trackpad, all I had to do was slide the palm of my hand across it while applying a little pressure and then BAM no more crazy trackpad.

Thought I should make something to save other people being ripped off by an Apple store to solve a simple problem.