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pfSense Cannot allocate memory with pfBlockerNG – Firewall Rules Not Working

This article discusses the cause and solution to the error message “Cannot allocate memory” relating to pfBlockerBG. In this scenario, we’re using a Netgate 2100 Base firewall appliance. The firewall was receiving the following error message when reloading the filter rules (in “Status – Filter Reload“). There were error(s) loading

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Upgrading the Netgate Firewall to 23.01 Error – Unable to check for updates

I discovered this issue today while upgrading a Netgate 7100 from 22.05 to 23.01. The Reddit page “” discussed this topic too. This is somewhere between a hack and a correction, so make sure to have a backup and a plan for recovery if this all goes bad. The file

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Restoring the Netgate Config File from USB (migration technique)

Recently a comment from “carefreepineapple” appears on this blog responding to this article “” where the problem differed slightly, and so did the solution. Here’s the solution to restoring a config file from a USB storage device. The idea being that one could copy a config file from a working

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