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AGIX is a Netgate partner with years of experience, official Netgate training, and internal use of pfSense to connect AGIX offices across a WAN.

pfSense & Netgate Case Study

A typical installation for a small business is very similar to a large business, with the only difference being monitoring and high-availability configurations. A typical setup usually involved a Remote Access VPN allowing staff to work from home, GEO filtering to block unnecessary traffic from some countries, and splitting up networks into VLANs.

Some businesses using AWS cloud services will often use pfSense on-premise to facilitate the IPSec VPN between the local and cloud networks.

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Upgrading the Netgate Firewall to 23.01 Error – Unable to check for updates

I discovered this issue today while upgrading a Netgate 7100 from 22.05 to 23.01. The Reddit page “” discussed this topic too. This is somewhere between a hack and a correction, so make sure to have a backup and a plan for recovery if this all goes bad. The file

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pfSense & Netgate

Restoring the Netgate Config File from USB (migration technique)

Recently a comment from “carefreepineapple” appears on this blog responding to this article “” where the problem differed slightly, and so did the solution. Here’s the solution to restoring a config file from a USB storage device. The idea being that one could copy a config file from a working

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All HowTo's pfSense & Netgate

Netgate 2100 VLAN Configuration

This article discussed the Netgate 2100 VLAN capabilities. We’re not trunking in this article, we’re simply spinning of a single switch-port as a discrete port. Ie, we’ll have one of the 4 switch-ports on a different VLAN. This article “” from Netgate is correct, but: VLAN 1 (the default) seems

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