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Fix Munin Graphs – When they wont update

This article explains how to fix Munin graphs that wont update or have stopped updating. The official FAQ ( doesn’t really say much about it. So do this:

More info: This is an interesting article related to the issue. “”.

First, disable munin cron task:

mv /etc/cron.d/munin ~/munin.cron

Wait until all munin tasks have completed by monitoring the logs:

tail -f /var/log/munin/munin*.log

Now remove the lock files:

rm -rf /var/run/munin/*

Next fix ownership and permissions issues. In my example, i’m running munin from “/var/www/html/munin”:

chown munin.munin -R /var/www/html/munin
restorecon -Rv /var/www/html/munin

Now we put the cron tasks back in action:

mv ~/munin.cron /etc/cron.d/munin

And wait for the next update and you should start seeing graph updates. Other things to check are those typical for any sys-admin maintenance such as disk space, user permissions, SELinux, etc.