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Linux, Windows & Firewall Support

AGIX technicians have deep and wide experience with Linux servers, Windows servers and firewall appliances. Our team have hundreds of publicly available articles on this website that demonstrate our expertise. 


If you're looking to reduce risk, comply with standards, or implement cybersecurity frameworks, AGIX can help.

Develop a robust cybersecurity strategy, conduct vulnerability assessments, perform penetration testing, implement a SIEM for event logging, and comply with standards like the Essential 8 and ISM. AGIX has the expertise to support all your cybersecurity needs.

Web Servers

Get support for Nginx, Apache and other web servers. It's likely you'll be using PHP and/or PHP-FPM or perhaps another engine. Load-balancing and reverse proxies are common options too. AGIX can help.

Database Servers

Your web applications and/or critical systems are likely using a database of some kind. MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, No-SQL or some other kind of xSQL. AGIX can help.


Ansible is the key to automation. Combine this with Terraform and you have a repeatable and verifiable environment and systems. AGIX understands and uses Ansible where appropriate and can help you do the same.


With Linux, we have plenty of options for storage. We have XFS and EXT4 for local storage, and LVM gives us advanced options. We have Gluster and NFS for shared storage. AGIX can even use SMB for inter-operating system shared storage.