The following leading vendors are amongst our preferred


General (Popular Brands from Local and National Distributors)

AGIX has distributors form popular and common laptop brands, workstation brands, server brands, firewall, switch and wireless access point brands, and more. Contact AGIX for a quote.


BitDefender (Antivirus)

A leading end-point security suite. So much more than just antivirus. BitDefender has advanced features to help deal with zero-day threats, ransomware and normal virus infections. BitDefender can be purchased in small and large numbers. If purchased through AGIX, we can manage your antivirus billing, threat reporting and alerts for you.


Ubiquity (Routers, Switches and WIFI)

Unifi networking gear is popular, easy to configure and deploy, and gives excellent insight into your network. We can support you.


Synology (Storage devices / NAS)

Synology is a leader in storage devices. They're the easiest to configure, deploy and manage. Features include backups, synchronization between workstations and the NAS, and the NAS to another NAS. They support snapshots for easy recovery, external authentication, binding to a domain, and so much more. They support add-ons allowing expansion to include new features.


Lenovo (Laptops, Desktops and Servers)

Laptops, desktops and servers. A complete range of computing products. Lenovo gear is reasonably priced and has devices in low, medium and high-end categories. For small businesses there's excellent laptop and desktop options. For big business there's servers and storage options.


Netgate (Firewalls)

Excellent firewall appliances at low prices. Used for Internet connections, VPNs, firewalling and so much more. With pfSense powering the Netgate firewall, you're free to add VPN clients without license restrictions. The intrusion detection and prevention has no licenses fees. The GEO restrictions have no license fees.


Datto (Backups)

Small to medium sized business backup solution. Datto offer cloud based backup services. Businesses get a Datto on-site backup device which allows for fast restorations, while another copy of the business data is sent to the cloud for secure storage. Low cost, excellent service.


Redhat (Linux and more)

The largest provider of opensource software including Linux, virtualization, clustering, storage, automation and more. AGIX is a Redhat Partner allowing us to deal direct with Redhat for licensing and product information as well as AGIX staff being trained to RHCE with certifications.


Ubuntu by Canonical (Linux and more)

A complete portfolio of Linux and related opensource software and systems including Linux and clustering. Ubuntu is making ground on Redhat in the commercial open-couse space. With microk8s (Kubernetes) giving businesses a quick-start into orchestration of containers, Ubuntu is really competing for a place in IT infrastructure.