Linux Administrators From AGIX

Linux system administrators have complete control over your servers and information. We fully understand that trust is key. Our all-Australian team have proved over years that we can be trusted with security clearances, regular police checks, and we’re often called to work in high-security environments such as Defence and Finance.

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AGIX technicians are more than Linux System Administrators. We have experience in a wide range of peripheral technologies including database management, cybersecurity, hardware and software firewalls, proxies and load balancers, Terraform and Ansible automation, networking, storage, CRMs and more.

Case Study

Being a South Australia-based company, AGIX often works in the Defence industry. This requires significant trust and responsibility. When required, AGIX staff have received security clearances to ensure our eligibility to work around sensitive and secret projects. We’ve assisted with secret air-gapped network creation and often perform maintenance on such environments. We have recently completed a project to ensure secret systems are kept up to date, even in an air-gapped environment. This requires careful planning, extensive testing, and serious oversight at every stage of the process. Keeping systems up to date, even in air-gapped environments, is critical and often mandated by upstream authorities.

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