SQL Solutions

Structured Query Language (SQL) requires general system administration maintenance such as backups, restores, performance tuning, clustering and more. AGIX system administrators are well-versed in SQL and well-suited to support your business-critical systems running structured query language.

Customized SQL Solutions

Database instances in SQL require careful planning and execution. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Spending the time to consider the options before installation starts can save time and money in the short and long term. A well-planned database instance can make all the difference to the performance and long-term stability of your mission critical databases.

How Agix Can Help

AGIX technicians are responsible for database servers across the world. We participate in planning, installations, in performance tuning, and in redundancies such as clustering. Our objective is to ensure the best performance and availability of mission critical databases.

A database administrator (DBA) dedicated to the role will likely lack the skills that a well-rounded system administrator can provide. AGIX technicians focus on a layered approach, starting with the performance of the server, and moving up the stack to the database engine and the databases within it. With a full-stack consideration, the end result will be significantly more stable and perform better.

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