About AGIX

24 Hour Worldwide Linux System Administration

AGIX exists simply to provide the best possible service to businesses using Linux. We understand that businesses use a variety of operating systems and environments, and our technicians are competent Windows System Administrators, Network Administrators, and Security professionals.

We started as a small business in Adelaide, South Australia. But we quickly grew to provide support in Australia and around the world.

Our competitive advantages are our technical qualifications, that we do the work (not just consult) and our absolute focus on quality of work.

With AGIX, you get a friendly person to chat with, to exchange ideas with, to clarify system configurations, make changes in real time, and an honest person to discuss sensitive business needs with.

Our clients are in Defense, Retail, Finance, Technology and more. Our staff have security clearances, degrees, certifications and more. We don't take on work we can't handle, but we are never afraid to work together on tough tasks, projects with or without a known outcome, and disaster recovery.

Contact our team and get exceptional Linux System Administration support from experts.