Terraform Solutions From AGIX

Terraform can define and create networks, firewalls, route tables, servers, VPNs and storage. Through the application of Terraform, existing networks can adapt to changes in technology and services. With its many applications in networks and cloud environments, Terraform makes automation possible.

Case Study

A business recently engaged our team to assist with a migration from one AWS provider to another. In their effort to change providers, they realized it wasn’t as simple as copy-pasting their setup to the new environment. They also needed to create new networks, firewalls, VPNs, routes and more.

We defined the environment in Terraform and built it quickly using the documentation provided by the previous provider. The provider, however, gave us false information which meant we had to re-create the environment with new settings. This was amazingly simple because Terraform can easily undo an environment and then recreate it with the correct settings, or just the parts that need changes. The process took just minutes, and saved the client thousands of dollars.

Make Terraform Work For You

If your business uses change management, code reviews and lifecycles, and you want to bring those good practices to your infrastructure, contact us at AGIX. We have helped businesses rebuild their networks, and we’re sure we can help yours as well.

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