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VirtualBox for Ubuntu in 2 Minutes

This article is not about installing or designing a virtual environment but simply about listing, starting and stopping virtual guests with the VirtualBox environment.

First you need to log into the host server and change to the “vboxadmin” user:

su - vboxadmin

Run the history command to see what others/you have previously run:


List the running VM’s:

VBoxManage list runningvms

List all VM’s running or stopped:

VBoxManage list vms

To start a VM you first get it’s name from the listing commands above and then issue the following. In this example the VM name is “server1”:

VBoxManage startvm server1  --type headless

To stop the “server1” VM:

VBoxManage controlvm server1 poweroff

The above command’s “poweroff” option can be replaced with any of the following:

pause, resume, reset ,poweroff, savestate

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