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Restoring the Netgate Config File from USB (migration technique)

Recently a comment from “carefreepineapple” appears on this blog responding to this article “” where the problem differed slightly, and so did the solution. Here’s the solution to restoring a config file from a USB storage device. The idea being that one could copy a config file from a working Netgate device, and restore it to a new/different device.

file -s /dev/da0s3 —- determine which device is the usb
mkdir /media/usb
mount_msdosfs /dev/da0s3 /media/usb
cp /media/usb/backup/config-1593242670.xml /cf/config/config.xml
rm /tmp/config.cache
/etc/rc.reload_all start

(the above is a copy from the above mentioned article)

The only step I’d mention as worthy of consideration is the first step. Ie, finding the USB device path.

Thank you “carefreepineapple”.

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