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Configure the TP-Link (MR6400) | Telstra 4G service with Static/Public IP

For times when standard broadband isn’t available, 4G may be a viable short term solution. This article notes what you need in order to get your service working.

In this article we’ve used the TP-Link TL-MR6400 4G router. It has no ADSL capability. It has 4 ethernet ports, supports 802.11n (no a/c), has two antennas and has a SIM slot. It comes with a module to allow several sized SIM’s to fit.

The 4G service must be a contract. It can’t be pre-paid. It “may” even need to be a business contract but i am not sure. Static Public IP addresses can’t be assigned to pre-paid services.

When you ask Telstra for the services to have a static public IP address, they will “tag” the service to that effect.

Finally you need to configure the 4G router. Make sure to set the APN to “telstra.extranet” and configure the DMZ to forward all connections to wherever they should go or configure port forwarding more granularly as appropriate.

Telstra 4G services usually get assigned IP addresses starting with a “1” such as “” which is obviously not right. It should be something like “”. Once the IP address is correct, attempt to connect to it from the Internet and test your service and configuration.

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