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Windows Previous Version / File History Not Working?

Windows Previous Version (also called File History) me be completely disabled or partially disabled. This article explains how to fully enable Previous Version on Windows 10.

Check system settings:

Start -> This Comp (right click) -> Properties -> System Protection -> C:\ -> Configure -> Turn On.

Check backup settings:

Start -> Settings -> Update / Security -> Backup -> More Options -> See Adv Settings -> Turn On.

Periodically, Windows will snapshot files allowing you to return to a previous version by right clicking on a file or folder, selecting Properties and then the Previous Version tab.

To see or change the schedule of File History snapshots:

Start -> Task Scheduler -> Task Scheduler Lib -> Windows -> FileHistory ...
File History (right click) -> Properties -> Triggers (tab) -> New -> Daily (set time), Repeat Task Every 1 hour (optionally) -> OK.

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