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24 Hour United States Linux Support

Get Linux Support from Linux System Administrators in Australia, Supporting Businesses in the United States and Around The World.

Get certified Linux System Administrators to install and maintain your Critical Linux systems, applications and more. We don't just talk, we do.

Why Choose AGIX?

  • Your servers are supported regardless of location.
  • All popular versions of Linux are included. Even older releases.
  • Our technicians are available 24 hours by Phone and Email.
  • Get help from Cybersecurity-focused System Administrators.
  • All AGIX system Administrators are Australian, working from Australia.

Linux System Administration

Get better Linux support with AGIX. We support Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian, Fedora, CentOS and more. We even support Windows servers. Services such as File sharing, Proxies, Databases, Web services are all included.

  • Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian, Fedora, Mint, and more.
  • Terraform and Ansible automation in AWS cloud.
  • System hardening and auditing.


Cybersecurity & Guidance

Most businesses inquire about Cybersecurity because they're competing for a contract that requires a certification, they're required by law to comply with a standard, they're being sold, or they've already been compromised and need help recovering. The latter is the least pleasant, but we can help there too.

AGIX can audit, penetration test, make recommendations and implement solutions.