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Upgrading the Netgate 3100 to Version 23.01-RELEASE

This article shows the process and experience to upgrade the Netgate 3100 to version 23.01. The process started smoothly but I was forced to do a manual power off/on having waited an hour and a half for it to return on its own after the upgrade process was started. OpenVPN didn’t start properly and I had to spend some time on that (a known issue). But otherwise it was fine.

Here’s the state of the pfSense device prior to starting.

I didn’t do any upgrades of the installed applications prior.

Here’s the “from” and “to” versions:

The process went through clean and nice, as expected. But it stayed on this page for the duration (showing more up to date package operations than you can see here).

This screenshot showing the upgrade process is completed.

At this point I discovered and resolved the OpenVPN issue.

I ran the command “kldxref /boot/kernel” as follows.

And now it’s fine.

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