Apple MacOS

Mac Open Command

Using a Mac it is simply easier to navigate around using the command line, however what happens when you get to the file that you want and then want to open it in your favourite GUI application. well that is when you use the “Open” Command, which really is a simple as it sounds.

open /Users/ThatGuy/Movies/video.mp4

The above command will open the file video.mp4 from the directory /Users/ThatGuy/Movies in the default application for that file type which on a Mac would be quick time player. Well now that just won’t do, nobody wants to use quick time, that is where the below command comes in:

open -a "VLC" /Users/ThatGuy/Movies/video.mp4

Now that will get the same file to open in VLC, much better.

This should save you sometime from having to move away from the CLI to use the GUI