AGIX Discussion Cybersecurity

IT Security Policies For Small & Medium Enterprises

This is a repository for IT security related policy documents. AGIX is focused on helping all businesses create and apply effective IT security policies to ensure businesses are not part of the problem of the global insecurity situation but rather they become part of the solution.

These documents can be found in their original form at: ““. There are many more policy documents than you see here but these account for the most commonly required by small to medium enterprises.

General IT Security Policy Documents

  1. Acceptable-use-policy (docx)
  2. Clean-desk-policy (docx)
  3. Data-breach-response (docx)
  4. Disaster-recovery-plan-policy (docx)
  5. Email-policy (docx)
  6. Ethics-policy (docx)
  7. Password-construction-guidelines (docx)
  8. Password-protection-policy (docx)
  9. Security-response-plan-policy (docx)

Network Related IT Security Policy Documents

  1. Acquisition-assessment-policy (docx)
  2. Remote-access-policy (docx)
  3. Remote-access-tools-policy (docx)
  4. Router-and-switch-security-policy (docx)
  5. Wireless-communication-policy (docx)

Server Related IT Security Policy Documents

  1. Database-credentials-policy (docx)
  2. Technology-equipment-disposal-policy (docx)
  3. Information-logging-standard (docx)
  4. Server-security-policy (docx)
  5. Workstation-security-for-hipaa-policy (docx)
  6. Web-application-security-policy (docx)



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