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Install Gatling Website Stress-Tester on CentOS 6/Redhat 6

Gatling is a website stress-testing tool. It runs on Java so you need to install JRE7. This article is based on CentOS 6.4. Note that “good” documentation for Gatling basically doesn’t exist. The website ( doesn’t have much information and i can’t find anything significant elsewhere. So here are my notes.

Please don’t use the community version of JRE. Use the one I have linked to below.

Download JRE7:

Install JRE7:

yum install jre-7-linux-x64.rpm

Download Gatling from “”:

Unpack Gatling:

tar -xzf gatling-charts-highcharts-2.0.0-M3a-bundle.tar.gz

Enter the Gatling directory and execute the startup script:

cd ./gatling-charts-highcharts-2.0.0-M3a-bundle

You should be presented with a menu. The menu is asking which stress test you want to conduct. At this point you should exit Gatling and learn about creating a stress test config. Gatling uses the Scala language to define a stress test. You can read about it here:

See the next article explaining how to run Gatling2 with your own stress-test.