Need help with Cybersecurity?

We can guide you in your Cybersecurity journey. If your plan is to comply with the Essential 8, create a policy portfolio, or ensure you're ready for a cyber incident, we can help you. Our technicians are experienced, certified and have years of experience.



  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Essential 8 Compliance

Essential 8

Do you need to (or want to) comply with the Essential 8? Our Cybersecurity experts and auditors can help with your journey through the long and often difficult process of compliance. The E8 is a worthy goal outlined by the Australian Cybersecurity Center (ACSC) which organisations benefit from adhering to.

Vulnerability Assessments

Your organisation gets serious benefits from a vulnerability assessment. The project can be as simple or in-depth as you like. The result is a report showing where your organisation needs to improve and where you're doing well. It gives you a road-map ta target-state that you define.

Penetration Testing

Find problems with your computer network before the hackers do. We probe your systems, your office and your staff. We ethically hack your assets and report on what we found, and what you can do to improve your Cybersecurity posture. We use industry standard tools within the scope you set for us. Our team is professional and experienced.

Who is Infos3c?

Infos3c is an arm of AGIX totally focused on Cybersecurity awareness and assistance. Our team is highly motivated, experienced and trained in Cybersecurity matter. We have helped companies in Australia and across the work with their Cybersecurity requirements. We work towards your goals which may be regulatory, a board directive, or simply a willingness to avoid a serious incident.