Change File Share Witness Location

Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about our savior Windows Failover Clustering. Just recently I have run into the problem of needing change where my share witness is located for my WFC, if I am talking crazy you can read up on the terms here. Now after a bit of looking at Microsoft’s website I thought wow they made a difficult job of explaining how to do this so I have added the short version below for those of you that don’t have time to sort through every command under the cluster set.

First of all you will want to check out your current File Share Witness and take note of all the permissions that are assigned to it Sharing and NTFS, now create a new share in your desired location with those same permissions. You will notice that there is a permission assigned to your cluster name with a $ on the end, this permission is automatically assigned and cannot be added.

In the commands below, remember to change the CLUSTERNAME to your cluster name and the \ServerWitnessShare to the actual UNC path of your share.

Next you will need to open a Powershell window on your cluster member server with Administrative Privileges.

The first command that we will run will give us the information about our quorum configuration, here we expect to see that our QUORUM TYPE is set to NodeAndFileShareMajority.

get-clusterquorum CLUSTERNAME

The next command that we will run will set the type to NodeMajority this will mean that the nodes will fight over conflicts but don’t worry it will not stay in this state for very long. We just need to put it into this state so that it would remove the old configured cluster.

Set-ClusterQuorum -cluster CLUSTERNAME -NodeMajority

Now we will change your cluster back to being NodeAndFileShareMajority and assign the new path to your File Share Witness.

Set-ClusterQuorum -cluster CLUSTERNAME -NodeAndFileShareMajority \ServerWitnessShare

Now to confirm that everything has worked properly you can open the Failover Cluster Manager Administrative Tool and expand your Cluster Core Resources to see that your changes have been applied.