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Installing Confluence & Migrating the Database to MySQL or PostgreSQL

This article explains the process of installing Confluence on your own server and then later migrating your content and settings from the “evaluation” database to something more professional such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. This article is basically an example with sensible assumptions. We’re using CentOS 7. When you first get

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Confluence Configuration when using an Apache SSL Reverse Proxy

This article demonstrates how to configure the Confluence “server.xml” file when using Confluence behind an Apache Reverse Proxy on “HTTPS://”. Confluence runs on Tomcat which uses the “server.xml” for its basic settings. The following is a working example of the “server.xml” file when Confluence is running behind a secure (SSL/HTTPS)

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How to Copy a Directory Structure While Excluding the Files | Linux

Sometimes it’s necessary to copy a directory structure without copying the actual files. This is a two step process as i’ve demonstrated below. However, i bet you can do it with a single command using “find” and its “exec” feature. In this example we’ll copy the “/etc” directory structure. cd

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