AGIX Support For pfSense And Netgate Firewall Appliances

AGIX is a Netgate partner with years of experience, official Netgate training, and internal use of pfSense to connect AGIX offices across a WAN.

pfSense & Netgate Case Study

A typical installation for a small business is very similar to a large business, with the only difference being monitoring and high-availability configurations. A typical setup usually involved a Remote Access VPN allowing staff to work from home, GEO filtering to block unnecessary traffic from some countries, and splitting up networks into VLANs.

Some businesses using AWS cloud services will often use pfSense on-premise to facilitate the IPSec VPN between the local and cloud networks.

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Configure HAProxy on pfSense with LetsEncrypt (SSL/HTTPS Termination)

This article demonstrates how to configure HAProxy to use LetsEncrypt to automatically manage certificates ensuring that those on the Internet accessing servers behind your HAProxy are protected with SSL security. Here’s some important points before we get started: We’re using a Netgate pfSense firewall appliance in this example but pfSense

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