Can’t Use a Password (instead of a PIN) for Windows 10?

Windows 10 allows you to get into a situation where you can’t change your PIN? Worse, you can’t set a password. This article explains how to solve this strange situation.

Our objective here is to set a password and change our PIN number. Just setting a password isn’t solving the problem of someone else knowing your PIN. All PIN numbers and passwords need to be changeable.

Log into Windows 10 as an Administrator.

Settings - Accounts - Sign-in Options. 

Disable the “Require Windows Hello” feature.

Require Windows Hello - Off.

Close Settings. Open it again and go back to:

Settings - Accounts - Sign-in Options. 

Now you’ll see the option to Password option that wasn’t there before. There is a “Change” button bellow it. Click that button and set your new password. With 2FA enabled, you’ll need your phone or email Inbox available so you can verify your identity.

If you still get the message under the “Windows Hello Pin” heading “Sorry – this PIN isn’t working …”, try this:

Click/Tap on "Sorry..." 

Sign in and the PIN features will be enabled allowing you to make PIN changes.

If you still have issues with the “change” option appearing, log out and you should see the “Forgot PIN?” link. Follow that and you should be fine.

The problem seems to be related to having the Windows computer linked to a School or Work service that has their own policies.

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