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How to add new maps to Minecraft | Linux Server

This article explains how to add new maps to Minecraft. We’re working with a Linux server and we’re going to download maps from public download sites.

We’re starting with a working Linux Mincraft server. See how to start from scratch with Minecraft on Linux here “”.

So far i’m yet to find a Minecraft maps website that doesn’t bombard me with adverts and misleading links and buttons. The following one is “ok”.

This site is advert heavy so try find a better place:

The trick is to get the download URL. The site tries to hide this to prevent skipping adverts. Here are a few direct map downloads that i’ve found to get you started:

Download the above (your choice of which) map ZIP files to the Linux server. In my server i store the Minecraft files in “/opt/minecraft”.

cd /opt/minecraft
mkdir saves

At this point we have the new map and need to tell the Minecraft server about it. We need to edit the “” file which is (in my server) in “/opt/minecraft/”. Set the world name to be the directory that the “unzip” command created. Continuing our example, the “” file extracted to a directory called “world_amida_reborn”. So the “” file needs the following modification:


You’ll need to restart the Minecraft java program to pick up the changes.

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