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Linux & Cybersecurity

Get Linux Support from Linux System Engineers in Australia.

Linux System Administration

Get Linux support for Ubuntu, Redhat, Automation, Web Servers, File Servers, Databases Servers and more. AGIX understands Cloud environments such as AWS. AGIX technicians are trained, certified, have degrees and years of experience. We understand business and how Linux is just another tool used by business to provide goods and services. We do our part well, so you can do yours.

  • Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian, Fedora, Mint, and more.
  • Terraform and Ansible automation in AWS cloud.
  • System hardening and auditing.
  • MySQL & Postgres Database server Design & Installation.

Cybersecurity & Guidance

Cybersecurity is a strong focus for our technicians. Our clients express a willingness for server hardening, best-practice compliance, and some must comply with standards such as the Essential 8 and Cyber Essentials.

AGIX employs some of the best cybersecurity staff in Australia full time. We do regular penetration testing (pen-testing), vulnerability assessments, table-top exercises and training sessions. This is all available to you.

  • Guidance, Gap Analysis & Assessments.
  • Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessments.

Understanding Our Scope

Linux is the foundation for achieving a business objective. When the business needs an ERP, WordPress or a Customer Portal hosted, Linux is the ideal platform. A Linux system administrator uses Linux to make applications available to the end-users.

It's for this reason that AGIX system administrators are not just educated and experienced with Linux, but the peripheral systems. Firewalls, Databases, Web Servers, Proxies, File Sharing, DNS, Load-Balancing, System Hardening, Cybersecurity, and so much more.

An Extension of Your Team

When it makes sense to have a Linux team in your IT department, but the funds just aren't there, or the staff turnover is too high, AGIX Linux support staff can fill the gap. AGIX would become a part of your team, responding to tickets just like any other team.

Our staff understand the intricacies of working as part of a remote team. Our existing clients are spread across the world, some have their tech teams in different time-zones, and others don't even have their own staff - everything is outsourced.



We've partnered with Canonical/Ubuntu, Redhat, Netgate, Lenovo, Ubuntu, BitDefender, VMWare, Veeam, Datto and more to ensure we can supply our clients with everything they need.


AGIX and Infos3c are two businesses within the same organization. AGIX focuses on business tech support, while Infos3c focuses on Cybersecurity.


Our services are focused on business tech support and Cybersecurity. Advice, general support, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, and resale of hardware and software.

  • Linux System Administration
  • SecOps (Cybersecurity)
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Server Software Support


International Support

Many of our clients have sites around the world. They don't care where their support comes from as much as the having the problem solved. Our staff are located in multiple time-zones and can accommodate your needs regardless of where you are.

All AGIX staff are expert Linux System Administrators. That's a given!

Service Delivery

AGIX is a services business. Our competitive edge is our superior service, and our technical excellence. Our staff are calm, focused, and proficient Linux System Administrators.

We get to know each other, talk on the phone, email, Teams, Zoom, Google Meets or however you like to stay in touch. Our clients are not just numbers, you're a business like we are.